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Drawing the Line for Free Speech: A Reflection on Nigeria at 60

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The Question of Freedom Of Expression, like other aspects of Human Rights, have excited debate and healthy controversy since peoples all over the world have learned to govern themselves democratically.

In recent times, however, with the rapid improvements in the means of access to information and even greater improvements in the modes of dissemination, the need constantly arises for evaluation of how well individuals, institutions and governments are doing in keeping up with the standards prescribed in the Universal Declaration On Human Rights, particularly on Freedom Of Speech, as these have a direct impact on the socio-economic livelihoods of people.

The occasion of the 60th Anniversary of Nigeria’s Independence is, therefore, an auspicious moment to celebrate our relatively short history of collective liberty, re-examine the scorecard so far and identify the areas for improvements, from the standpoint of Legislation, Best Practices and Advocacy.

‘Drawing The Line For Freedom Of Speech’ is, therefore, a fitting theme for a lively talk on these and other related issues affecting practitioners of Information and its end-users alike. It is the initiative of the Cartoonists Association Of Nigeria, CARTAN which comprises professionals in the Media and related fields in Nigeria and the diaspora.

You are welcome.

Franklin Oyekusibe, MODERATOR